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High Quality Race Car Keychain

High quality stainless steel, exquisite laser logo and unique shape style make this keychain nice appearance. We can try to do imprint on wherever you want and guarantee its clarity and fastness.Customer assumed kinds of logos so we designed each one for his reference. After about 15 times modification and improvement, client confirmed the formal order and we started mass production. It is a long..

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic bottle opener, shaped in bottle cap, can be put on refrigerator. It brings much convenience to you when getting the drink out of fridge and open it with a simple move. Otherwise, it looks nice as a decoration sucking on the surface of any metal furniture.Customer ordered 15,340 pcs at first, and added 10,000 pcs more based on previous PO.According to mature processing technology and work..

Infusion Water Bottle

This infusion bottle is very popular because of its filter element, which is great for drinking fruit tea and flower tea. All parts are made of environmental food grade material, no threat to human health.Customer released a purchase order for 3,000 pcs, but one problem exists that our mold is a little diffrent from his requirement. He insisted on using a seal ring to fix filter part with the con..

High Quality Cap

One client required to customize cap for his event of “Formula 1 race”, organized by Coca Cola. These caps are gifts for the directors and VIP assistants. We checked the sample, there are 3D embroidery for the leaf and number, applique for the logos both front and back, with the brass buckle to adjust size. All of them demand high level in quality rather than simple promotion gift.Of course it is..

Capsule Bluetooth Speaker

As you see, this capsule shaped bluetooth speaker is the most popular one in promotion markert rely on its unique design and colorful shining when working. Originally, customer inquired another style with patented design, it brings some difficulty and the supplier does not cooperate well because of owning the patent right. We recommended this similar shaped one with more compet..

Banker Bag

This is a real mini purchasing order that required only 50pcs banker bags which has the size of 24’’x24’’ and customized logo on specific fabric.We have asked many factories for help but this little quantity brings huge difficulty to purchasing materials that client demands, 420D nylon. That is to say, it is not worth to do this, completely no profit. But, please wait and don’t be disappointed pr..

Ceramic Cup

It is a repeat order for 5,000 pcs ceramic cups which we have done last year, this kind of pure red without any logo exudes Chinese strong classical flavor, very distinctive for promotional and give away gifts. It is some opaque with the feeling of frosted red outside, and very bright inside that touches somoothly.The key point is how to control accurate color and smoothness of surface, no bubbl..

Thunder Stick

Thunder stick is very popular to make inspiring atmosphere for big celebration, sport games, concerts and etc because of its bright colors and metallic sound when hit each other.We recently accomplished 10,000 pcs of this kind of cheering stick printed with customed pattern. It is the most important to ensure beautiful imprint and air tightness which are the key points for advertising effect.With..

Magic 8 Ball

This mysterious prophecy ball with 20 differents answers inside is 7cm in diameter, it can also be customed with your logo and color.Our customer ordered 2500pcs, and we experienced 4 times quotation to him according to client's changable alternatives before receiving formal order. The ball color was required to use with the stock to meet his budget, but finally decided to be customized PMS color..

Huge rush case-4million backpacks

We succeed to handling with the really big case for 4,000,000 pcs backpacks within required delivery time (3 months) and controlling the quality up to customer’s demand. So customer added two cases based on this, 1,200,000 pcs and 3,000,000 pcs. Because of our more and more skilled experience, it only took 25 days to finish the last 3 million one.